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One Piece Chapitre 699 VF

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One Piece Chapitre 699


Version anglaise
Chapitre Scan 699 Va

Clique sur le lien pour lire le chapitre Smile

Version Française :

Chapitre Scan 699 Vf

clique sur le lien pour lire le chapitre
( Merci à la team OPMX )
Spoiler ( en Va) :

Couverture du jump :      




One Piece Chapter 699
“Morning Edition”
Page 2:
Editor blurb: “A shocking appearance!!”
Marines: “Ah…”
Sfx: *crackle* *crack* *crackle* *crack*
Page 3:
Marines: “Ehhh!!!”
Buffalo: “Young master!!!”
B5: “Young master”
Page 4:
DD: “Haa…”
Page 5:
Buffalo: “Th… thank goodness!!”
“He wasn’t frozen through and through…!!”
Marines: “Smo-yan”
DD: “I don’t much feel like fighting you… fuffuffu!!”
“But if I’m unable to silence that man here and now…”
“I’ll have to change my plans!!”
“Tell me one thing.”
“You… now…”
“What’s your game!!?”
Page 6:
DD: “I haven’t heard good things”
Kuzan: “Hey, hey”
“Can I get some help over here?”
Marines: “Aye aye!!”
DD: “Fuffuffuffuffu!!!”
“The face of a mere wanderer…”
“And that of a man with determination”
“They’re quite different!!”
Page 7:
Kuzan: “From the start…”
“I was never under the impression that the World Government was the end-all be-all.”
“Even without Marine affiliation, one can accomplish many things.”
“And there are many things that become clear after leaving the Marines behind…”
Smoker: “…I… was about to die.”
Kuzan: “Fufufu… hmm… seems that what brought me here”
“Was fate.”
Smoker: “But why did you come…?”
Kuzan: “…To see you.”
Page 8:
Smoker: “…But how did you know to come here?”
“You must have a connection with the underworld”
“Hmm? Am I right?”
Marines: “A… a former Admiral… with the und-“
Kuzan: “If you’re done fixing him up, then screw off!!”
Marines: “Okay!!!”
Penguin sfx: *zzz*
Kuzan: “It’s me, Smoker.”
Smoker: “If that’s what you say…”
Page 9:
Kuzan: “Anyway… don’t take your eyes off of Doflamingo”
“He’s a Shichibukai and the current king of Dressrosa”
“But he’s different from the Snake Princess of the Kuja. A pirate who’s exceptional in more ways than one.”
“Contact Sakazuki and tell him to mobilize the Admirals”
“Things could go from bad to worse, and fast…”
“It could be the most dire situation…”
“That Sakazuki and his new Marine HQ have faced”
“I’ve given you fair warning…”
“Hey!!! You guys!!! The fact that we met…”
“Uh… it’s a…”
“…What was it again…”
“I forgot. Well, whatever.”
Marines: “It’s a secret that we met you, got it!!!”
Page 10:
Text: “That night, out at sea”
Someone: “It’s almost dawn, and nobody’s shown up!!”
“Think they’ve lost our trail!!?”
“How many thousands would be in the search party!? How many tens of thousands!?”
Usopp: “After hearing you threaten Doflamingo like that…”
“There’s no way I can rest easy!!”
Chopper: “That’s right, that it is!!”
Luffy: “No need to worry, since we got this armor and these helmets from Kin”
Brook: “Resign from the Shichibukai or tangle with an emperor… what a choice…”
“I’d expect he would just say “no thanks” to either and come to kill us, yo ho ho! Scary!!”
Kinemon: “You! Draw your weapon…!!”
“And face me!!!”
Zoro: “If you’d just listen…!! Cut it out!!”
Nami: “Isn’t doing this on the ship a bit dangerous!?”
Luffy: “Oh, they’re playing samurai games”
Page 11:
Kinemon: “I’ve misjudged you. That incident that had the whole country in tears…”
“Wano was in an uproar over the defiling of the grave of its hero!! And the culprit was you!!!”
Zoro: “Like I said, you’re wrong!!”
Kinemon: “Am I, now!! What about that, at your waist!! Is that not the infamous sword “Shusui,” of the great swordsman, Ryuma!!!”
Sanji: “Still going at it huh… well, who wants a midnight snack?”
Luffy: “Midnight snack! What’re you making?”
Sanji: “Pizza”
Kinemon: “Pida!? Is that man making strange cuisine again?”
“I wonder if Momonosuke is yet asleep.”
Nami: “Oh, he’s in the bath with Robin.”
All: “Wha!!?”
Robin: “It’s been a while since you’ve bathed, huh.”
“Are you all warmed up now?”
Momo: “Yes. I’m feeling quite well.”
Page 12:
Robin: “Ah… perfect timing.”
“Kinemon-san, do you have the boy’s kimono?”
All: “What does that brat think he’s doing!!!”
Brook: “That’s pretty sneaky!!”
Sanji: “Take advantage of being a kid, will you!?”
Kinemon: “Hold still while I cut your topknot!!!”
Nami: “You people!!! Cut that out! Who goes around bullying children!!?”
Kinemon: “Upuu….!!!”
Sanji: “You’re wrong, Nami-san…!!! That’s no mere kid…”
Page 13:
Momo: “That was scary, that it was, m’lady…”
Nami: “Eh <3 M’lady!? No, stop it, go on…”
“This kid... Momo-chan is so cute <3 He gets to sleep in my room <3”
All: “What!!? The “secret flower garden” that is a woman’s room!!?”
Sfx: *grin*
All: “He’s a lowdown dirty brat, that he is!!!”
Owl: *hoot* *hoot*
Usopp: “…We can’t be sure they haven’t found us yet…!! Doflamingo!! If you’re coming, then come already!!”
“Actually, don’t come!!”
Chopper: “No… no way I’m sleeping…!!”
Page 14:
Sanji: “That perverted brat… right about now, he’s… with Nami-san and Robi-chan… That bastard”
Kin: “I… I can’t bring myself to sleep!!”
Franky: “Fuahhh…”
“Nothing strange on the horizon…”
Momo: “Mmph”
News Coo: “Coo” “Coo”
Brook: “It’s~Morning~Yohohohoho~Aw~Yeah~”
“Paper’s~Here~Hey~Come on”
Luffy: “Hmm…?”
Law: “If he did it, great. If not…”
Page 15:
“Donquixote Doflamingo”
“ “Resigns from Shichibukai”!!!”
“And he’s abdicated the throne of Dressrosa!!?”
Usopp: “He really quit!!!”
“Th…throne!!? He was a king too!!?”
Luffy: “King!? King of the birds!?”
Franky: “I think it’s actually ominous that things are going so smoothly…”
Page 16:
Law: “No, this is good.”
“This was his only option…!!!”
CC: “Joker…!! To go to such lengths, for me…”
Luffy: “But why do they have our faces here too!?”
All: “Huh?”
Text: “Shichibukai Trafalgar Law and the Strawhat Crew have formed an unprecedented alliance”
“It is unknown how the government will judge Law on this”
Page 17:
Text: “All over the world”
Pirate: “What the hell! Check out today’s paper!!”
“Doflamingo has quit the Shichibukai, Law and Strawhat have teamed up”
“And these guys too!!?”
“Kid!! Apoo!! Hawkins!!!”
Text: “The “Kid Pirate Crew,” the “On Air Pirate Crew,” and the “Hawkins Pirate Crew” “
“Have also, at this time, formed an alliance”
“Over these two years, they- the problem children referred to as “the eye of the storm”- have come here”
“And now they’ve started teaming up, all at once!! What are they planning for the New World!?”
Luffy: “Them too!! Wonder if they’re planning the same thing”
Law: “Their business is their own… We’ll proceed with our plan.”
“Focus on Doflamingo…”
Page 18:
Law: “Do you understand what a big deal this is? By simply kidnapping Caesar…”
“Doflamingo has, in a single night, both given up the position of king that he’s held for 10 years”
“And thrown away his right to plunder and pillage as he pleases as a Shichibukai.”
“His “answer” to us is everything he’s done in order to retrieve this one man!!”
“By returning this guy, our dealings will be complete, but…”
Text: “Dressrosa”
“In response to Doflamingo’s sudden abdication”
People: “Your highness!!”
Text: “The people have been thrown into confusion”
Editor blurb: “The unrest is spreading…!!”

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